Does anyone know of Patricia Clemons beware of her around ur kids

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Miss Queen

Does anyone know of Patricia Clemons beware of her around ur kids

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Ms francis

I would like to tell how i treated in carter co court. I was treated like a dog the court system. I was treated so badly i got no legal advice. I was told it hand down legal advice to the court case. I told to either plead quilty or go to go instution.
All alfred plead is way some people who do serious crime never has to admit how they acted. I was tring to bring my cousin to court for how he acted and did serious crime done to us.
I would like to give some break ground. I had put with my cousin ugly nasty stuff was saying me. I was told it was nerves by grandmother. It not your nerve that is just excuse to lie out how someone acts
We had just moved to grayson ky in 1997. When i believe my phchotic cousin for ni good reason come down in the basement. he came out behind a old burning stove with a load to my head. I was told by my grandmother it was nerves. The gun to my head hurt and i felt it. So it was nerves like they told the court.
My poor dead brother who died of brain in jan 2019. In 1998 he came to our house and talk my brother in to go site seeing in the small town of grayson. My cousin meet up with a friend who drove a truck and he got him follow to the family farm at stinson rd. He had the intent because he had to get the key off my grandmother for the lock on the gate. After someone got they had returned to my grandmother house. They drove down in field. He made my brother get out of the truck and stand in the middle of the two trucks. One got of the truck and had gun to my poor head. the another men stay there truck with a gun pointed to him. One stumble in either case we would dead. My brother came home crying his eye out.
When my dad was dying at st. Mary in jan 1999 he carried wild to me i have never saw? anyone act so crazy to a person. He said something very ugly to me and he thought i was going to hit him. he told me that hit him, he would either put me out of the truck and make walk out stinson rd in the middle night.
He then threatened to put my brain on the truck window. He is so low of person he cant take responsibility of his own stupid action. i was told he wasn't the way it happened. I believe that he put blunt on some how to project the trouble off him.
He was low that he took lies my dad had told my mom during his life. He took me for transcribed lies of my dad he had told to my mom. Over 30. Years. He had brain washed her with his lies. The letters i was were transcribed memory of my mom in her handwriting.
I had had told pathway how my cousin treated me. I thought they were going to help and my advocate to help me in jail. i told pathway i thought there was written record where i was seeking medical treatment over he acted. i went to them ask them for the copy where i had told them so use in court. There excuse was they didn't keep good record during time period. They told a rat got a hold the file and that why it was tore out. no rat ever got a hold that medical record. It was the employees cause they the truth to get out how he acted. One of former employees told me saw beautiful stuff come out pathway. I never saw things good come out my case only the theapist pick and lying to put me away.
A nurse at kdmc behavior unit treated me like a dog at the t. r. In grayson ky. Her name was terassa and she would tell me shut up when i would start crying how he treated us. Her husband ed worked as bus driver at pathway for about two years. She would tell him you know who she talking about. i was telling how. One ed co worker at armco acted and they couldn't take i was tell how crazy he acted in t r. she was smart mouth that started that i was could mmrd to family cause i complaining how he acted and i wanted justice for action. . would she like someone to point a load to their head and brother and call her liar to send to eastern state. She need to shut her mouth let me tell how he acted in t r. She was so mean to me that she sent me to the er and she psy ward for wanting them to get me a job. She knew that pathway wouldn't get no job and she sent to the er to tell me i had comply with not get me no job.
I was treated so badly at pathway i was told it hand down not allowed to date. She told if i fussed they would have arrested and taken to eastern state by the sherriff.
My grandmother was allowed to voc reh a bunch lies on me. She told the lies because never to help toward a better life. She would coach my dad brother family into explain how a blood transfusion had me crazy. this was with no base and used as excuse to run over or do me in from a better life. She was low that my dad dying she was took my brother aside to ask him to me from a better life. This is no act to act in mourning time and i thought made her look ugly.
My neighbor wouldn't even feed the poor little dogs he told my uncle that was feared what i might go back tell on him. He needed smart off ti uncle and tell him it awful how falsely accused of lying. Your son lying caused there death by worrying to death. Where son wouldn't put a stop to his friends breaking window out their home in westwood. I believe the stress of his breaking out the house cause their death. He need to say i fear what of shunt your son will pull call me liar not to the blunt. He needed to him i fear what kind of shunt your might pull and you tell that your son not taking the blunt.
I was hurt by the way people treated us in grayson ky. My mom was hurt by the way people treated us. People didn't like in grayson ky because they told everyone i was liar. I heard people discuss me all the place. I was told that people were going to me in grayson ky. We came to grayson ky for a better life not trouble. People didn't like and want me out of grayson ky. I feek if they knew the truth they would want him out grayson and they would not any town. My mom cried because someone called her told that they were going throw us out if the town. People in grayson ky needs to spread to treat him and wife ill because he threaten kill his cousin and lied to put his cousin away. They need to tell him we no use for a person who lie in court and never give no chance to defend his name. They need to tell him you cant defend your name. It came out in court on july 3 2019.
I told the judge that day in court because i wanted him to know how he lied in court. I told him because i didn't want him ever no recourse to bring any charges on me. He told his co worker at manback how i lied on him. he can never deny how he treated me and my brother.
His smart mouth wife would smart off to in the store people makes remark about you. They need run to her say look at the death and problems you and your husband cause by lying and him not wanting to blunt for he acts. We treated her like a dog because you had turned us against her. We are against people who threaten kill people with a gun and lie in court. Your husband made us not want to welcome her in grayson. We are not welcome at church or society no one. It has been hand to treat you and your ill at work to teach not lie. They are tell around that word is not trust worth and your bible believe life is just to do put in.
You help their name go down in disgraceful now the truth is spread and your name is disgrace for life. People needs to tell them their name is ruin in society how he treated those people. His wife will tell how she Christian and she dont lie. she is christian dam liar as july 3 2019 and proven in court.
They needed him to his face her mother needed to whatever took to him away.
His smart mouth wife told that it was perjury telling he acted to governor no it was perjury them telling i lied in court. The governor and judge wilhoit needed tell needed help and put away. He needed to him that he didn't know how to the truth. His dad told me that i needed to sick in jail because i told how low his son and treated us.
A neighbor boy told me that ge wasnt allowed to talk to me because i accuse of ugly lanuage. He didn't know i was accuse of telling it because i tried of ugly mouth on me.
His dad treated me like a dog in the phone. he laughed how the court allowed me to set up on dirty cartoon. he laughed said you cant draw. I got to cring told him i cant job in a day care or taking of kid. he smart off told me that his son wasnt taking the blunt. He told me to my nice little plead and go to pathway and be crazy one. My poor little brother took the ultimate punishment he got death. My poor dead had to work himself to death over him call liar in court. I made my mind that day to discredit him and i discredit him in court. He dad never wanted to take the blunt he took not even in court.
I ask his dad for apology for how his son acted. he told me i told owe you no apology. my mom started pass out in grandmother house and he threaten kick my dead across us 60.
I feel they need to clean off there son door step before they someone to court. Where you not let people have no legal advice. the truth can back bite you in face.
The court was corrupt that it took me 15 years to my title to my double wide. They made excuse they didn't know how to deliver the title. They could deliver the car tax and the tax bill on the land. Why didn't they want it delivered to us.
People made remark how the house was nothing but a barn. it was nothing cause pathway and court wouldn't let have a job. Yes my house was a barn. . Looks 341 river lane grayson ky on the online the work need to done it. That is condition that your house will get in after pleading for pathway to get me a job. They would not even help starter job. not cooking not peer theapist not answer the phone nothing in 22 years. I dont feel they want to have a job cause they were waiting for my mom and brother to die. they could put away and they turned it cause they cousin to help them with his lies not to the blunt.
I have thought about filing warrant on judge wilhoit and bob miller because they issued a warrant accused me falsely terroristly threaten my cousin my cousin. which was lie on the warrant it was him threaten us.
I have thought getting a warrant on jeff may because he lied that i threaten a emt. I never threaten no emt. Jeff may was supposed went to a neighbor told him they will not be missed in grayson. He told this in behavior unit at kdmc. i got feeling i thought he was disrespectful to me in time
Of death and even disrespectful out of sherriff.
I went the co attroney and i told the clerk how he lied and making up lies on me. She smart to me told that was forward to outcome in case. I complain how he telling dirty lies on me and she told me he say whatever he want on me eventhough the lies upset me. Reid glass told he do whatever he want to me and he could me away. My grandmother told that my aunt had to get the warrant because i hurt his queen wife. He hurt my feelings by a gun to my head. My grandmother lecture me told me that it was nerves and you tell that laughing at me because she had her mouth covered while lecture me. I didn't feel to funny the he acted. She told me it was nervous and i didnt mean to say it. He ment to say all ugly stuff to me.
They wanted to help them do me cause i could not cope with doing me in. I would have small outburst tring to deal with stress of they were picking on me. She would get them down explain how i was and acted. They needed to tell no wonder the poor girl is having outbursts the treat her like a dog. You not like but you not have to turn people against her process and not want her to date. Or have anything in life. She would always tell me that she cared much what happened to you and that treat a granddaughter. i feel she never liked my dead brother either or she would have let him tell how threaten kill him.
I would like to tell how treated in wil wilhoit office i was treated like a dog by the People.
The smart mouth paralegal smart off to me and questions me did you take your medicine. She didn't want to defend the sale of the house or my belongings. I told that my mom wanted to the house so wouldn't rent or homeless. I didn't like to being taken advantage by no one and push cards to sale my belongings off. I felt they were totally disrespectful to me and my family. They could not until they dead until they tell to sale stuff off. I felt like they wanted my family to die to me away.
Judge wilhoit treated so ill that he made sale off my stuff. he made sale off my car i purchased in a car wreck. He treated so ill that ill he will not let me no privages like to get married or drive. The court was ill to they would not let no legal advice. One smart police men when i went to court and i want overturn because he lied. The police told me i wanted to my way. He would not like someone. Pointed a gun to there head calling them liar.
I went to the grand jury in carter co over how he lied and tring to get a warrant on him. The smart mouth grand jury man in Christmas 2005 told he found humerus to my face. I hope the man is reading this blog or told about it. I not feel it to funny know he pointed gun to my head and my brother. I hope he has some common sense say her mother and need to him away.
I hope the grand jury that helped convicted of false lying i hope they know how they help make life hard and rough. i hope they are reading and especially the grand jury woman i hope she knows finds out i wasnt lying on just to trouble. I believe her name was joyce Griffith from grayson ky. I wish people would call her tell that my cousin lied to court just to me away. My cousin acted like i was sick crazy and no good because i told he acted. They told everyone i was mean person and wanted cause which dirt black lie.
I pray that the carter co will never see no peace. l pray to god that my mom and brother will haunt the clerks, police man, pathway, the lawyer judge co attroney grand jury, aunts, uncle, cousin, my cousin grown children, there spouse, my cousin wife family. so they will know what we put up for years and called in court. I pray that my brother and my mom will haunt them in dreams rest of their life. I pray my brother will come to cousin in his sleep everynight. he will dream how he treated him on the farm and tried to kill him. I pray that he will tell my cousin that Jesus will not let entry kingdom heaven. I hope my brother tells him you wouldn't let me nice home on earth. your friend tore my home westwood and you thought it was funny. I have mansion with pool and when you die your straight to hell for lying. I hope he him can never point a gun to my head again on earth. I dont have to listen to saying ugly thing to my sister no more. I not have put no one telling it my sister nerves how you acted toward us for years. My mom dont have to be told your dad he will kick her across the street. I told have put with you embarrassing to death by her having her in court to disgrace her name. I dont have to put with making horrible remark about her because you cant take the blunt. I hope you know i didn't care about living because you lied and wouldn't let my poor sister have a good life. You hurt my sister so made accuse of stupid allegations to have fun she end up hospital. I pray that brother goes to everyone in carter co system and they dream of my cousin treated us years. I hope he tells them in their dreams that this way he treated me and he treated sister bad to. I pray that the carter co court will have apology by Halloween no later than Thanksgiving. I don't have my ass off no longer and worry that someone will put her away. I pray that my brother will haunt that mouth paralegal. i pray that will come to her dreams tell her that i wanted daughter to have the house. You just stole the house off the fear i had the carter co was going to her. I pray that my mom goes to wil wilhoit in his dreams tell him him her dreams that wrote the letters cause she was tried of their stupid phchotic cousin treating like a dog. I pray that she will tell him that she didn't his smart mouth about group home. i pray she that will tell him she need to whatever it took to put him away. I pray that my will tell him that i can haunted him to death. i can haunted him until he confess to the judge how he treated. My kids are my prize and the court took all the joy out life. I pray that my mom and brother will haunt judge wilhoit in the court and dreams. I hope my brother will tell him in the dream how he acted. I hope my brother tells him in dreams i not work in cold no longer. I dont have to put you tell me or my sister how she cant ugly thing about him. i dont have put with you tring to put sister away cause told he acted. I pray he will tell them i dead and ghost i run you crazy. i pray that my brother and mom will go to bob miller tell him you cant embarrass me tring to put her away over he acted. I pray that he will dream he treated kevin and he will turn against my cousin. I pray that my brother and brother will go haunt jeff may for his rude remark. i pray they will come to him dreams and tell him that say no one missed at the time of their death it disrespectful. I pray that my mom and brother will haunt pathway for not doing their jobs. I pray that they haunt amanda tell that that cant keep me no longer how does have food. I pray that church in grayson ky will haunt by how he acted. I pray that when start show movie. Church musical or sleep over or camp they will see on scene how my cousin treated us. I pray that my cousin in Florida how constantly tell me how me lie. I pray that my brother and my mom will start haunt her. I pray that will tell her you are not coming home to visit and bully my sister out of her inherent for a group home. I pray that my brother will to her in dreams and make her dream how he treated him. i pray that brother will tell he can haunted her and she cant do one thing to me. I pray that my brother and mom will tell her bully her mind when she comes home. I pray that my mom will tell her dreams that she wrote letters because the uncle told her that plot to put her daughter away at eastern state because they couldn't have her hurt. I pray that my mom will tell that she wrote because they told they do her daughter in and seeing that never had one. I pray that my mom will tell all mean say to daughter is what kind of person you are in life. I pray that my mom and brother will start haunt my aunt live with and they will come to her sleep and she will dream how he acted. I pray that she will start dreaming how my cousin had my brother on the farm. i pray that will show her dreams that neighbor boy stole money off her and his sister. my sister was defending you in House. I pray that cous3 and wife and adult children and spouse will be haunted by my brother and mom. I pray that my will come them in their dreams and they dream how he acted. I pray he will tell them my sister is no liar like she out to be. i pray he will tell that he will tell dad told the lies.
I pray everyone who listen to lies how i told the bizzar will haunt. I pray the one who tore up house. In Westwood will be haunted on them tear up the house. I pray that my brother will come to haunt them and break their windows out. I pray that my aunt and uncle will haunt by my brother and my mom. I pray that my mom and brother will come to them in their dreams tell them in heaven you not have turn people against me or family. I pray that mom and brother come to them tell you cant call my daughter liar no Longer. And embarrass me to death. I dont have hear my sister cring herself to sleep over the lies. your son thought was funny. I pray his his mother and dad will start dreaming how their son threaten kill him on the farm. I pray they have nightmares over how he treated us and the results was their death. I pray my mom will tell his parents will tell her you need to clean up door step before you get a warrant on people. I pray everyone in grayson ky will dream how he treated us and they will no use him. I pray before i go to the doctor the will dream how i was falsely accused of lying and he acted. i pray the doctor will not believe i tell bizzar or lie in people. I pray to god the doctor will tell them that they are lying to put me away and the medical team no where will put lying. I pray that past neighbor, present or future neighbor will dream before they contact with me how he treated me and he called me liar. I pray that they tell anyone who tell i tell bizzar lies. i pray they will tell the dream told i never told bizzar lies. I pray that any past present or employees or employer will dream how i was falsely of lying and my treated us. I pray anyone i may come contact during the will dream how he falsely accused me lying. I pray cousin employer and employee will dream how my treated my brother and i. i pray they will dream how falsely accused of lying. I pray that wil wilhoit will tell me he his apology to me for saying i reputation of telling bizzar lies. I pray brother and mom will haunt the neighbors how they took up for him. I pray the neighbors will dream how talked to me and he threaten kill me. I pray that any doctor who ever threaten to me away bizzar will dream night before he acted. The doctor will dream how my dad told bizzar tells and my wrote the letters. I pray the person who all nasty things on bathroom at smithfield will haunt by my brother. I pray brother will tell the person you dont have hurt me no more by stuff on bathroom wall. I pray he will tell the person i got no peace at work and im dead now. I can haunted you to death. I pray that haunt his true friend at friends and let them know he had work himself to death over a bunch lies. I pray that brother turn everyone against my cousin in the tri state. i pray anyone he comes contract will be turned against him. I pray that god will heal me my condition and put on my cousin in Florida and my cousin in grayson. I pray that people dream wasnt jealous rages against him. i pray they dream jealous dream of my cousin mom and another who dead dreaming my family would completely done in life and we would nothing bad luck i pray they will aunt in grayson she is nothing but evil to pray such evil prayer. God needed make all the bad luck in life to her lesson. I pray that aunt and uncle will learn never to call no a liar in court.
I wish people would call the following people in carter co court system. I wish they talk into let me better life. I wish they would tell how my cousin lied in court not to the blunt. I wish thet would tell them wrong to make sale 341 river lane grayson ky off. i wish they would tell in court it wrong to steak her inherent for a group home. I wish they ask judge if i could drive and date. The former sherriff of carter co told i would have to cystball to know everything true
Bob miller
Wil wilhoit
Judge wilhoit
Sherriff jeff may
The present co. Attroney
Reid glass
Gary conn
Mike fox
All the conley of grayson ky
Andy besher governor of ky
All the francis of ashland ky
Eagle mortgage in ashland ky
They need told how my cousin lied not to the blunt. He was lying to her away over treat them and she never lied according court documents as of july 3 2019

Wil wilhoit

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